About Us

Founded by a group of ambitious college students looking to make the most of their summer break, Collegiate Window Washing combines youthful energy with a commitment to excellence in every job we undertake.

What started as a summer gig has quickly evolved into a passion for delivering top-notch window cleaning services. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to professionalism, our team of college students brings a fresh perspective to the industry.

We understand the importance of earning your trust, which is why we prioritize clear communication, reliability, and integrity in all our interactions. Safety is our top priority, and we undergo thorough training to ensure we adhere to the highest standards while on the job.

At Collegiate Window Washing, we're not just cleaning windows; we're creating brighter spaces and enhancing the beauty of homes and businesses alike. Trust us to bring youthful enthusiasm and exceptional service to every window we wash.

Join us in our journey as we combine our college experience with a passion for pristine windows, one pane at a time.